Invest in Energy for a Community

Generate Social, Environmental and Financial Returns

We offer a unique opportunity to invest in projects that will transform African communities, supplying energy for education, health, and new enterprise. You can compare projects using performance metrics, and choose the project that best suits you as the investor.

De-Risked Impact Investments

Our investment offerings are de-risked through targeted technical assistance provided during the early stages of the project. During project operation, projects are de-risked through use of a mobile Energy Services Payment tool powered by blockchain technology.

Track Your Impact

Investors can track their projects at any stage, and stay updated on project performance and operational metrics. Through our performance metrics, you can find out the total energy generation, energy reliability, and social and environmental impact of your investment.

For example, find out: how much CO2 was reduced, how many more people have access to lighting and healthcare. We use the IRIS industry-standard performance metrics, so you can compare your EcoKraft investments with competitors.

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